Our fleet

Discover the dedicated infrastructure and high technology of our satellites:

Star One D2

The largest and most powerful satellite in our fleet, with 4 transmission bands that guarantee wide coverage.

Star One D1

Equipped with 3 bands, it inaugurated our fourth generation of satellites.

Star One C4

Located in a privileged position and with three times more transmission capacity.

Star One C3

It has great transmission capacity to reach the most distant communities.

Star One C2

Currently at the 65.0°W position. It has C and Ku bands and coverage in Brazil, Mexico and Florida.

Ka Band

With the new Ka band modalities, companies in areas with little or no infrastructure, such as gas station chains, shops and hotels, can connect their main offices via satellite with branches, transmitting information in real time.  
Our solution provides speeds up to 25Mbps, and it is also possible to buy the VNO (Virtual Operator) modality, which allows the purchase of wholesale capacity and formatting of its own services.

Our teleports


The Guaratiba teleport, in Rio de Janeiro, controls all the activities of our satellites and the performance of our customers' communications and transmissions.


Located in Itaboraí, Rio de Janeiro, the station today has a strategic role as an alternative system to the satellite control center and our DTH operation.


The Mosqueiro teleport is close to Belém (PA) and has a modern infrastructure for satellite communications and secure connectivity with the terrestrial backbone.


Used to provide various services with the fleet's satellites, in addition to composing the fixed telephony backbone. It is also used by third-party satellites.

João Pessoa

New technological pole that was implemented to allow the expansion of the service and meet the demands of the Ka band with the Star One D1 and D2 satellites.